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Residential Painting in Melbourne : Everything you have to know !

Residential painting can also refer to as house painting, and it includes various painting techniques on residential houses.

Professional painters who work in this field know precisely how to paint the inside and outside of your home correctly.

Professional residential painters know how to adorn each wall with the correct textures, colour combinations and the right amount of shine or matte finish, without making it seem inappropriate or misfit.

You will be satisfied to discover an aesthetic and attractive looking space once you hire professional residential painting services that will turn your home into a designer look unlike never before.

Not only do residential painting services transform the inner and outer look of your house, but they can also customize according to your requirements and further construct your dreams into realities. It is preferred to not hire regular painters for professional house designing.

What are the different painting techniques used to paint a residential space (apartment or house)?

Expert residential painters offer numerous interior and exterior painting techniques that will enhance its beauty as well as living experience. Because of the painters’ work experience, they can provide with good suggestions and creative design schemes from the customers’ preferences.

The many painting techniques used are:

  • Stucco painting
  • Deck or Fence Painting/ Staining
  • Wall painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Trim painting
  • Wood trim painting
  • Aluminium siding painting
  • Caulking
  • Sealing
  • Wood repair and replacement
  • HardiePlank painting

What type of paint is to be used to paint a residential space?

The type of paint that is used affects the entire look of your residing space. The right paint can give your walls a protected layer and fresh look. Before you hire a painting professional, discuss the type of paint you want your walls to be.

There are several types of paints that can be used in residential spaces, and each has a unique quality to deliver special effects.

Gloss and Satin

This type of paint has an exceptional shine and sheen that it gives to the walls. The useful thing about this paint is that it can be used on wood and metal surfaces. Satin paint is less glossy but can work on metal and wood surfaces just as finely.

Both of these paints are considered to be very hard wearing paint and are used a lot in residential painting services.

The gloss, as well as the satin paint, are based on a latex and solvent material, which prevents yellowing and convenient application. The gloss paint leaves a shiny effect when the application is completed with a couple of base coats of primer.


This type of paint is not entirely glossy, but it leaves a smooth sheen on the wall. It can be taken as a semi-glossy paint and can be used on wooden surfaces.

However, this paint is mostly used indoors instead of outdoors; if used outdoors, it depends on the paint company. Ask your residential paint company for suggestions.


This paint type is used mostly on ceilings and walls. You can find various surface types in this paint including matte, silk, dead flat matte and water-based eggshell. Flat paint requires multiple coats especially when being applied through a spray. Vinyl is included in some flat paint for the requirement of hard surfaces.

What is the price range of residential space painting Job?

The cost of getting a paint job depends on the type of material you are using, the surface to be painted and also the paint type. For both interior and exterior, a rough estimate has been presented.

The average cost of interior residential paint in Australia goes around $2500 to $20,000, which mostly revolves around the size area. For two average sized bedrooms, the professional painter can charge you up to $2,500 – $3,500 for its interior and $10,000 – $20,000 for the entire exterior of the house for a large-sized four bedroom house.

What to be cautious about when painting a residential space?

When it comes to choosing the right paint, make sure you choose paints that are produced with natural elements like citrus, lime, chalk, oil, etc.

Other paints give out dangerous fumes that can result in breathing problems for children and asthma patients. Latex paint is best for indoor use as it omits the least Volatile Organic Compound.

This VOC can cause nausea, headaches, as well as irritation for people and it, is best to choose paint with little or no VOC.

The paints with oil base have the most VOC and are recommended to be used on exterior walls.

It is advised to keep painted rooms away from heat sources. Take special care and keep pets and children away from painted rooms.

Ventilation should be provided in the room before and after paint.

Make sure that the painters and the paint company are licensed and registered. They should have complete safety tools and kit.

The paint should be allowed at least 24 hours to dry down completely.

Residential space painting tips

For a consistent look throughout the house, it is necessary that you hire a professional pain team to get the uniform, attractive look. Mismatched colours will not look appealing, and sometimes you do not know how to fill in some flaws.

It is essential that you first plan out your preferences and how you want your residence to look. Also, it is recommended to get your walls painted during the winter season. The right weather can matter a lot, and during the winters you will experience the least inconveniences. Also, choose the time when there is the least disruption in the house.

Do not consider having it done right before or after holidays like Christmas or New Year. Start the plan when there is no disruption and members of the house are usually away from the area. If you have little kids, bring in workers when children are out to school.

Take away

The easiest way to get your house a new look is by investing it with colour.

A good paint and colour scheme can change the way your home looks, and this can be done precisely by professional residential services in Australia.

If you are considering to get professional residential service, then you wouldn’t have much to worry about, as a good paint company will make sure you get everything you require.

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