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When thinking about commercial painting the first question that pops in your mind is whether commercial painting and residential painting the same thing. It may be unexpected, but the answer is no.

If you are looking for a company to manage your painting project, you’ll realize that commercial painting and residential painting are almost look-alikes. But if you inspect a little deeper, there are a few queries you would like to get answers to before you go for any of the two.

What is commercial painting?

The first question is about the material that is going to be painted. The residential painting contractors focus on houses and other living spaces, and on the other hand, the focus of commercial painting contractors is on businesses.

So, the contractors dealing with residential painting will work better on materials which are used in homes such as siding and wood, while the contractors dealing with commercial painting will work better on a variety of materials which include metal, stucco, concrete as well as the elements which are used in homes.

The second question revolves around how big the project is. Painting a business place is a bigger work than painting a house so, this makes it clear that commercial painting involves a lot of intricate planning and hard work than the residential painting project does.

In commercial painting, the companies come well-equipped for the bigger businesses and complete their job well with their equipment and materials. Commercial painting contractors have staff for the organization and planning of your project which helps in getting the job done within the deadline you have given them.

The third question is about the timeline. This question is an important one because if not asked, there might be a mess all around your business place while you are trying to give your services to your customers.

The contractors of residential painting prefer working during the day time, and they probably won’t work on weekends. T

he contractors of commercial panting provide you relief by adapting to fit your scheme. They also have the equipment which helps in working through the night.

Price Range for a Commercial Painting Project

It is very common to think that commercial painting contractors are expensive to hire because of their complex works, but it is not always what you think.

The costs are calculated according to what the job demands and the clients are charged accordingly. The larger the crew, the more the rate.

Generally, you are charged between $40 and $60 an hour a worker. If the job requires special equipment and a greater number of workers, the rate will be higher.

Working outside usual working hours, the painter will charge you more. For the work during working hours, charges are reasonable. Extra services given by commercial painters have additional costs.

Painting Tips for Commercial Projects

Painting your commercial building sure is an investment and can completely change its look, but this task is much more complicated than you think it is. So, it is imperative to opt for professional painting services for your commercial painting projects.

Professional commercial painting contractors use various techniques for painting commercial spaces.

The first technique is to consider the extent and scope of your painting project. Selecting the right time of the year can prove to be very beneficial. For minimum disruption to your business operation, painting during the winters can be the solution.

Inspect your business pattern and opt for the time when it is most convenient for your commercial activities, and no disturbance is caused by the painting project.

To make your building look more attractive and appealing, you must choose the right color. Choosing the right color can turn your dull property into a magnificent masterpiece.

The safety and health of your tenants and customers should be your top priority. There are paints which can cause inconvenience to your clients and tenants and can prove to be a health risk due to their low quality. Opting for odorless paints can avoid many issues.

Giving extra services to your clients can help you build your business. Additional services can include caulking, restoration work, pressure washing, and proper stripping and sanding.

Painting a commercial building can be very complex so, choosing the right contractor for your job is an important task.

Bonded and licensed contractors understand the complexities of your painting projects and their work comes with quality and safety.

Types of Paints used

Aside from giving a new look to your commercial building, paints also protect the surface. Professional commercial painting contractors use medium to high grade of paint.

These paints come in various finish and types. Before starting a painting project, make sure that the surfaces are ready. The most general types of paints are gloss, semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell.

Finish Coats


Eggshell paint gives out a slight sheen. It is usually used on the interior wooden surfaces and can be used instead of semi-gloss paint. This type of paint is often easy to clean.


Flat is a latex-based paint type and can sometimes contain vinyl. It is used on the walls and ceilings of a building. The finish of this paint can be dead-flat matt, matt, silk, or water-based eggshell.

Gloss and Satin

For wooden and metal surfaces, this type of paint is used. Satin gives out a lighter sheen as compared to gloss. These paint types can either be latex-based or solvent-based.

Base Coats

Primer is applied on uncoated surfaces and protects the material. It acts as a good base and can be oil-based or water-based. The preferred primer is usually the oil-based primer. For melamine and tiles, you can buy special primers.

What to remember?

Commercial painting is a broader scale job and is mainly done on larger areas such as restaurants, office and apartment buildings, and stores, etc.

The painting services of commercial painting contractors include faux-finishing, sandblasting, epoxy flooring, etc.

Commercial painters work on a large scale and have experienced staff to do your job correctly and within an appropriate time.

They make their work schedule flexible which can be molded according to your needs and timeline. In commercial painting, larger quantities of paints and complex equipment are used to do the job.

To conclude, if you hire a professional commercial painting contractor you can rest assured that you are going to get quality work for a very reasonable price range and build your commercial business beautifully.

At Paintpro, we offer Professional Painting Services for
Stores, Offices and Shopping Centres

Shopping centres and shops often need a facelift to keep walls, ceilings and fixtures up to date. Our professional team can do the job ensuring we are on budget and ensure the perfect finish so that customers are made to feel welcome and come through the doors in droves…

Arrangements can be made with centre management so that shops are maintained and regularly painted.


After-Hours Office Painting for Your Convenience

With such a high amount of foot traffic, office spaces generally require a fresh coat of paint more often than other structures. Additionally, your office is seen by clients and other representatives, and it says a lot about your business so it’s imperative to make sure it’s looking its best at all times.

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Insurance Claims

At PaintPro one of our main specialities is insurance work and insurance painting. We know how important it is to get problems fixed asap. This said, we have strict policies that we pride ourselves on, such as:

  • Within 12 hours of receiving notice from the insurer any where in the nation, PaintPro will make contact with the client to acknowledge the contract.
  • Within 24 hours, the client will have a PaintPro representative in a convenient time to assess the damage or work.
  • Within an agreed time between both parties, PaintPro will complete the work to the highest standard. We aim to do this within 30 days.

The Leading Real Estate Painting Services

There are many reasons why it’s very useful to have professional painters on hand when you work in real estate, property management or you have you’re the landlord of an investment property:

  • Messy tenants may have recently vacated and an entire repaint is necessary in order to successfully rent it out again
  • A few touch-ups are required in between tenancies
  • A property is about to be put onto the market and needs a professional makeover to ensure the highest possible sale price
  • … and lots more

If you’ve been searching for a reputable and reliable painting service to deliver sensational results time and time again, you’re in the right place. At PaintPro, we have been working with a number of real estate agents and property managers in the area, and would be glad to work with you as well.